Welcome to Unbeatable Energy

Unbeatable Energy provides dynamic drumming workshops that generate creativity, excitement and energy in people and organisations.



Unbeatable Energy can provide you with the perfect forum in which to unleash the full potential of you and your colleagues.

Education Events


Bringing Unbeatable Energy into your school is about bringing excitement, team work and a sense of great achievement to the finger tips of young children.


From day centres to housing associations to festivals to scout and guide groups to homeless charities to mental health and special needs groups to circus acts to religious groups, young people and students.

Evening Classes

Are you interested in experiencing the excitement, vitality and creative freedom of playing African drums? Now you can with evening courses from Unbeatable Energy!

Using traditional drums and percussion from West Africa, highly skilled and experienced facilitators lead vibrant drumming sessions that open up amazing opportunities for individuals and groups from all backgrounds.

Group drumming allows people to explore new ways of communicating, thinking, problem solving and relating to each other. Drumming stimulates people, rhythms connect them and beats unleash hidden abilities.

So drum some rhythm into your life with Unbeatable Energy -it’s a powerful beat!

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