create a Boomwhacker sensation

Boomwhackers are tuned acoustic tubes that create different harmonic tones. They are played by tapping the end against your hand or clashing two together, like cymbals. As well as enabling children to create complex music, Boomwhackers can be used in many different activities to help engage children who might normally struggle to participate in group activities.

An Unbeatable Energy Boomwhacker Experience workshop provides teachers and pupils with a whole variety of special rhythm games, music facilitation techniques and compositions tailored to the children’s age and individual needs.

Who'd have thought so much could be achieved with a plastic tube!

As our workshops demonstrate, Boomwhackers are ideal for exploring different sounds, pitch, polyrhythm, chords and chord progressions. They are great for:

  • celebrations, art weeks and enrichment days
  • musical team warm up exercises
  • creative compositions
  • powerful ‘brain gym’ exercises
  • involving many children at a low cost

In Unbeatable Energy workshops we like to get children energised! We teach and encourage them to incorporate dance movements with the Boomwhacker music, helping them to develop a strong sense of rhythm and improve their motor and coordination skills.

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