So you have to organise a Christmas party that brings everyone together, mixes up the usual groups and is totally inclusive…

What are you going to do?

Let’s start by reminding ourselves what the reasons for a Christmas party are. We can use the example of a corporate work Christmas party, but the thinking also applies to family and social groups who get together at Christmas time. Reasons for a party?

  • To have a fun social time together whilst not working!

  • To get to know each other better

  • As a ‘team-building’ activity

  • As a ‘reward’ for working hard and achieving results – a thank you

  • Tradition

Traditional Christmas party ideas and activities.

1.       Go to the pub

2.       Go out for a meal, possibly followed by some dancing

3.       Have a buffet-style party at the office

All of these can be fun, and to some extent achieve the aims, but none of them do fully. Admit it, who do you sit next to at these type of events? Is it the same people you usually work with and speak to at work? Or do you really make an effort? Are hierarchical barriers really broken down and do people really mix? This is particularly difficult at a sit-down meal where you only talk to the few people around you for most of the evening.

Group Drumming for the Staff Christmas Party

And the world is changing. It is no longer acceptable to alienate members of staff who do not drink for personal, religious, cultural or health reasons. There is a risk that these people may not attend a traditional Christmas party, or may feel uncomfortable attending when everyone else is knocking back the alcohol. Is that achieving the aims of the party?

Don’t panic, we can help! Our group drumming activities are a solution to these issues.

Our experienced facilitators know just how to get everyone together on a level playing field to break down barriers. And don’t worry – we also know exactly how to make it fun for everyone - after all it is a Christmas party! We provide for everyone a genuine shared experience with other people. It is completely accessible and inclusive to all and musical talent is not required! We tailor our experience to any size of group and to any particular organisational need. We only suggest that our activities come before any drinking begins (we find it’s better to go for a drink afterwards, after we have warmed everyone up!).

“Just brilliant for any get-together. Steve talks you through it and makes it easy; just for an hour you feel like a musician. I hoped, but honestly wasn't entirely sure, it would work at our celebration, but it went down a storm, and everyone loved it.”

Colin Hoskins - Party Organiser

“I have not known two hours to fly by so quickly. We have had away days in the past but I have never seen so much joy and heard so much laughter before. Laura is an excellent facilitator, with over thirty people in our group, she managed the whole session with a clarity, enthusiasm and lightness that affected us all. It was the perfect afternoon. Colleagues are still talking about it days later. I highly recommend any group wanting to have fun and bond to give Unbeatable Energy a try!”

Stephen Givnan - Sheffield Mencap and Gateway

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