School African Drumming workshops in Derbyshire

School African Drumming workshops in Derbyshire

In February we drummed with pupils from Monyash Primary School in Derbyshire. Monyash is a beautiful village high up in the white peaks of the Derbyshire Moors. Their day of workshops ended with a drumming performance by all the classes at their village hall. The children sat around the drum circle as each class took turns performing what they had achieved during the day. Half way through the performance one of the children got so excited he leapt up and started dancing in the middle of the drum circle! This lead to a wave of enthusiastic children jumping into the circle space and dancing in their own special way. What a wonderful day! Here are some words from some of the children:

“I liked it when we played one by one.”

“Thank you for letting me dance. It was fun.”

“I really enjoyed people having fun when we were playing.”

“I really enjoyed playing the djembe and I hope we can do it again.”

“Thank you for such a lovely experience (and for letting me have an extra go!).”