Chloe McDaid

I have been going to the classes for 2 courses now and I love it. Steve really knows how to bring the group together and get us all feeling comfortable and exited about drumming. He brings his experience of African drumming to the heart of the class. I feel right at home now and I would recommend it to everyone, even if you’ve never picked up a drum in your life.

Chloe McDaid, attended Winter, Summer and Autumn 2010 courses


“The drumming has helped to:

  1. Improve my sense of rhythm
  2. Integrate my coordination skills and ability to concentrate
  3. Integrate my logical mind with my expressive, creative self.

These in turn have resulted in increased self confidence and a feeling of wholeness. In other words it has given me a quality of life!”

Tina, Participant at recent community drumming course in Sheffield

Sara Pickering

“I’ve really enjoyed the classes so far and for someone who suffers with stress and anxiety, I’m finding them marvellously therapeutic. The group are friendly, there’s no presssure to get it right, and making music or rhythms together, being part of something, is a wonderful experience. I arrive at class feeling lethargic and tired, despite a 35 minute walk, and come out feeling truly energised. There’s something about drumming that’s difficult to put into words, but all I can say is I’m loving it and plan to come to your next class if allowed; I want to make drumming a part of my life. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done in a long time.
Oh and something so simple as passing bags of sweets around adds to the friendly atmosphere!”

Sara Pickering, Attending Autumn 2010 course

Amy Jones

“Steve’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. It’s the best therapy and
fun you can have after a long day at work!”

Amy Jones, Courses attended: Autumn 2009. Winter 2010, Spring 2010 and Autumn 2010