It’s Samba Time!

The Rio 2016 Olympics are happening this summer. It’s carnival time for the whole world. So what better way to inspire and involve your pupils than with a real samba drumming workshop?

Our workshops give your class an unforgettable group drumming experience. They’ll go hands-on with authentic Brazilian samba drums; learn about the culture of carnival and work together to make exciting samba music and rhythms.

Samba’s Unique Learning Experiences

There’s nothing else like samba! It’s energetic; it’s colourful and it will give your students a unique insight into the traditions of Brazil, venue of the 2016 Olympics and World Cup 2014.

Our school samba drumming workshops also have lots more valuable outcomes. Pupils will:

  • Learn about and play a new form of music
  • Gain an awareness of other cultures and traditions
  • Develop their musical skills in line with the National Curriculum
  • Communicate and work together to play music and rhythm games
  • Try a whole range of samba drums and hand percussion
  • Express themselves creatively in a new way, which can boost confidence

Please get in touch to talk about your school and requirements.