"We began African Drumming as part of the Sounding Out Project in 2002. From this, we started to have African Drumming sessions after school on Thursdays. Steve Rivers was our teacher, along with Paul Butler. We learned a few different rhythms at this point.Steve’s teaching, from the start, helped to inspire us. Soon, we began to make our own drumming compositions. We would show them to Steve, who would help us to turn our ideas into full drumming pieces. He would help us with breaks as well as accompanying rhythms. This was great, as it encouraged us even more. Eventually, we got very involved into drumming. Our school bought a set of African drums, so that we could play if and when Steve was not available. This also sparked us off with more playing; we go to the music room and play on the drums whenever we can at lunchtime and sometimes after school also. Thanks to Steve's help, we now get involved in a lot of concerts. We use what Steve has taught us for these. But we do not just do the same routine over and over again; we do quite the contrary. We figuratively rip apart what Steve has taught us and rearrange it into new and interesting sequences. Even when Steve isn't coming, I look forward to it. It's the highlight of my week."

Usman Year 11 Pupil, Oakwood Technology College, Rotherham