"Unbeatable Energy was totally inspirational. They are so full of energy, enthusiasm and encouragement and the children couldn't wait to join in with the infectious rhythm of the drums. Children who are normally reluctant to participate found themselves playing away, watching, listening and responding as Steve moved around the group using signals to indicate variations of pace or volume. The look on our little four year old with no English who had only been in school two weeks said it all. Unable to contain his excitement, he was off his chair drumming ecstatically on a drum almost bigger than himself! This was a way he could communicate without language and he loved every moment!

The whole school throbbed to the beat as each class enjoyed a workshop session and we couldn't believe that Steve could keep up the fast and furious pace. He was still going strong at the end of the day when the parents came along to hear a performance by each class. The parents were amazed with the way Steve handled the children and they were thrilled to see just how much the children had achieved in such a short time. The whole day was a wonderful experience that the children, staff and parents will never forget and we shall certainly be coming to Steve again."

Jane Clay, Headteacher, Holt House Infant School, Sheffield