"Just wanted to say thank you for organising such a creative and fun teambuilding end to yesterday’s staff training and development day – Unbeatable Energy were fab!" "I thought it was a fun way to end the day and left everyone in our staffroom still singing (or at least making silly noises) until we went home. A real feel good factor!"

"It was certainly an exercise where you had to concentrate all the time on what you were doing and at the same time making you aware what everyone else was doing.It was a good team building exercise not too long and not too short.I thought it was fun."

"I really enjoyed this part of the day. I think the message was that it is possible to work together in perfect harmony! I liked the moral that you may need to rely on people to keep things rhythmic, i.e. ticking over, getting the job done. I also liked it because we were doing the same thing irrespective of our college role."

"What can I say - it was definitely different. I enjoyed the session, had a good laugh, definitely relieved stress and also I understood the concept of communication which we definitely had during this time."

"I thought it was a fun way to conclude the day. The activity had an important message to us as staff within the College about working together and this was an innovative way of communicating this."

Comments following annual staff conference event, Dearne Valley College, Rotherham