"As the year end approached we were going through some major changes and challenges in terms of structure and service delivery. There were 150 people across all the different departments that needed to engage and contribute to recognising the role each individual had to play in supporting each other, celebrating our differences; clearly Unbeatable Energy played a key part with the drumming workshop. We wanted something different, something a bit off the wall and we certainly got that! The positive feedback we received from members of staff was overwhelming. The drumming sessions gave participants the chance to experience the energising and therapeutic benefits of creating music together in a team, through focussing on percussion and rhythm. The workshops lasted 1.5 hours; it helped individuals in overcoming personal inhibitions and self-consciousness, whilst developing the group's sense of team awareness and response, through examining the qualities inherent in African drumming. The sessions certainly gave everyone involved the chance to take part in a truly cathartic experience.

Working with Unbeatable Energy was a liberating experience and one I would recommend to anyone."

Janet Redhead, Investment Funds Administration, HSBC