"Earlier this year we at John Lewis Sheffield merged two different teams in our Department Store, which meant bringing together two teams with very different cultures and ways of working. I wanted to get everyone off on the right foot with a team-building event. Instead of going for the usual problem-solving event or outward bounds course, we went for an African drumming session with Steve Rivers. The drumming was a great ice-breaker, especially as none of us had done it before. It put us all on the same level and the energy is infectious! It really opened up people’s personalities; allowing us to get together as a team and learn a lot about each other. We will work on transferring what we have discovered to the shop floor so we can capitalise on our newfound strengths. I wanted to bring the two teams together so they could get to know each other and it worked a treat. Several people told me at the beginning that they had to leave early but they all stayed till the very end. The room was buzzing with positivity and we will certainly be looking at running another workshop."

Allyson Jewell, Department Manager, John Lewis Sheffield