School Boomwhacker Workshops

School Boomwhacker Workshops

This week we had a fantastic two days delivering Boomwhacker workshops at Aston Primary School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Listen to this recording from the Y6 class Boomwhacker session:

Music Workshop at Aston Primary School - African rhythms fuse with Boomwhackers

This two day event was for everyone. All seven classes from foundation up to Y6 took part in the workshops which tied in with their music week, plus staff and parents!

The staff had their own special session after school on the first day. This was so successful that one member of staff  ran her own follow up session with her Y2 class the following day.

Aston Primary also  invited parents to participate in the music workshops. This provided a very special atmosphere in the workshops - it was really nice for the parents to be involved in such a fun creative activity with their children.

Then there was the sensation final performances by all staff, parents and children at the end of the days - these performances were absolutely breath taking! It was amazing to see how well all classes performed and this reflects just what children can achieve through a special music week.