Steve Rivers writes

Last week we delivered one of our largest corporate drumming sessions for 357 delegates at the Moneysupermarket conference. The event involved 213 drums; 144 items of percussion, 7 days of planning, and a fantastic team of 8 musicians which included a guest performance by the amazing African drumming soloist -Maitre Samsou.

Samsou was an absolute pleasure to work with and we were so proud to be sharing the stage with him. He creates a sensational sound on his djembe drum!

This was the first drumming event I have facilitated without without saying a word. As the delegates were seated on cabaret tables, we needed something for them to focus on - it has become more and more apparent that the moment I open my mouth, people switch off. Perhaps I was cheating a bit using PowerPoint in the first two minutes, though this was only to cover health and safety. All in all the plan worked - the audience appeared to understand what to do and once the complete rhythm was put together the sound was breath taking. We are looking forward to viewing the rushes of the video!