Book a Drumming or Boomwhacker Team Building Challenge for your Away Day Event this Autumn. Contact us now to make the day a truly inspirational one for everybody in your team!

Watch this video and read on to find out why!

This is a recent video from our Boomwhacker Team Challenge session at York University in July.

In this team break out, the participants came up with an innovative idea where they filled the long red Boomwhackers with pebbles to make big shakers. This fitted in beautifully with a  drumming pattern played by a student who tapped the Boomwhackers against her knees. The end result, complete with the vocal 'woops', gives this sound a profoundly unique African 'styly' feel.

A drumming team challenge session is the perfect activity for businesses, organisations and colleges who wish to integrate new staff, merge teams or increase interaction between fellow colleagues.

Participants congregate together to learna group rhythm. After the initial success of playing together, the whole group is broken up into sub teams to create something with Drums or Boomwhackers to enhance the piece they have learnt. The above video demonstrates the way teams can devise really clever and innovative ideas. Nothing is too 'off the wall' in these sessions! Previous sessions have had teams include dance choreography, songs and crazy visual displays with the instruments – all of which fuse with the core rhythm to create something truly unique.

During this quality break out time 

  • barriers are broken down

  • rapport is increased

  • new strengths are realised

PLUS - people collaborate and solve problems in a refreshingly different and creative environment.

Do you have a team that could benefit from meeting together to do something different, refreshing and fun? 

Do you have a team who need some good quality interaction to get to know each other better; improve communication, collaboration and productivity?

If so, why not book the ‘Team Challenge’ session. Contact us now to book the event or discuss the needs of your team and organisation. It will be great to work with you!