Corporate Drumming Event at London Marriott Twickenham

Corporate Drumming Event at London Marriott Twickenham

Yesterday Unbeatable Energy were drumming with the GlaxoSmithKline conference delegates at the London Marriott Hotel in Twickenham. What a fantastic group! There was a fabulous atmosphere in the final drum circle and it was a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic participants. In the final part of the session, the group sang the African Djole song and it was wonderful to hear the harmonies work together - when the song was accompanied with the beat if the drums, the sound was magical! Our new London team assisted Unbeatable Energy with this event - Justine Hart and Barry Neilson. They were the essential musicians who provided the driving beat to the session -

Barry and Justine, if you are reading this, the delegates were very impressed with how you both kept those rhythms going non stop for a full hour!Well done!

We would like to thank Mairi Millar from GlaxoSmithKline who was an excellent client representative, and was really helpful and supportive throughout the day.

Read the testimonial from GSK.

We would also like to thank all the staff at the Marriott Twickenham who were brilliant hosts. The Marriott Twickenham staff were brilliant with their communication and support. Special thanks to Camille and Jess from their team. What came across was that it really mattered to them that the event for all parties went smoothly during the day.