We are delighted to share a fantastic video from our recent big team challenge session with Boots UK Ltd at the East Midlands Conference Centre in the University of Nottingham Campus. The video really captures the creativity which came out of the event when the everyone broke into separate teams to create a unique musical piece. A Team Challenge is just that - a challenge for teams to create something unique using the instruments and resources available. Teams then gather together and perform their unique compositions.

The Challenge can be a daunting task.  Participants are being asked to create something from scratch within a short time frame - it is like asking someone with no experience of painting to create a picture from a blank canvas. However, the point is that nobody is doing this alone. It is only through cooperating and working together; listening and exchanging ideas that they can create, embellish and perform something with tangible quality.

Boots UK Ltd chose the activity to provide a fresh way of exploring the themes of their conference for the Property and Procurement division which were: 'People; Working Differently; Efficiency'; 'Lead for pace' and 'One Team'.

Steve Rivers writes:

The event with Boots was particularly interesting because the break teams were big - normally the teams numbers are 20 at the most, but in this scenario there were at least 30 people in each team. It was interesting observing how the teams organised themselves when forming ideas - some teams worked together throughout the task while other teams broke up into smaller groups to brainstorm before formulating a plan.  The final showcase by all the teams was truly inspiring! When all 180 delegates came together there was some real innovation. We had "Here Come the Girls"; "Samba Samba Toot Toot", the TV cricket theme and lots more!

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