International Conference Ice Breakers with Steve Rivers

International Conference Ice Breakers with Steve Rivers

The Boomwhacker Energiser session we delivered for one of our clients in Sweden this month was definitely one to remember!

Here is Steve Rivers' account of the trip:

''The venue at our recent event in Gothenburg was quite different to what we are normally used to when delivering rhythm events for conferences. Most of the conference venues were booked up for one of Sweden's big annual  hockey championships and this venue was described by the client as 'the bottom of the barrel'.  Despite the client's advance apologies about the room , I was rather excited about something - most conference facilities are carpeted but this venue had a hard floor.


A hard floor is one giant stamping percussion instrument! (I think you can see where this is going!)''After the fabulous group of corporate delegates had got to grips with the Boomwhacker tubes and a rhythm was playing in full swing, we invited everybody to try out a final 'bonus' excercise. This involved integrating foot stamps  - everybody stood up and stamped a beat on the floor while 'Boomwhacking' an 'off beat' 'Cha! Cha!' in between the stamps.


What is so great about this exercise is that there is a hard and easy way  to approach this. One way is to stamp an even beat with your feet and then try and clash the Boomwhackers in the spaces in between. For the more coordinated, this poses no obstacles, but many people find themselves playing the Boomwhackers on the foot stamp. The easy alternative is this - clash the Boomwhackers when you lift your knee; your foot has to come down to hit the floor anyway and, when it does, you get the stamping beat. However your mind can better handle focusing on the knee coordination because your arms feel more integrated. It is really a very small adjustment of focus - which creates big results.

I will never forget the smiles in that room when everybody could see that they were now playing multi-task beats like a kit drummer - their feet providing the down beat and the Boomwhackers creating the off beat. Don't forget that 99% of this audience would probably believe they had no sense of rhythm at all! I think the session surpassed everyone's expectations (including mine) - the sound of that room with the'Boom-cha-cha-Boom-cha-cha-boom' will stay with me for years to come!''

Why book a corporate drumming event for your conference?

Our unique events really harness the power of team work! Giving your workforce or delegates the chance to express themselves creatively in an engaging and exciting environment, there are so many benefits to group drumming that we can’t help but shout about them…

  • Increased confidence

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

  • The chance to connect with others

  • Develop new skills

  • Discover a new hobby

Whether you have 10 delegates ready to take part or 1,200, we can tailor-make our events to suit you. We design, prepare and deliver with care and attention to detail from the set up through to the delivery to ensure you have an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember for years to come.