When we were contacted by REL Field Marketing to see if we could provide something light and fun for the afternoon of their annual conference, a Boomwhacker team building session seemed to fit the bill perfectly!

Part of the session had been planned to take place outdoors, something which usually ensures a downpour on the day - but the gods were kind to us this time and there was not a drop of rain in sight. This was just as well, as the conference was hosted in the absolutely beautiful grounds at Sunningdale Park in Ascot, West Berkshire which we were able to enjoy.

combining everyone's creativity

We began the afternoon inside, with the 180-strong group, teaching them the basics of using the Boomwhackers. This was followed by a team break session where the various groups split off to devise small Boomwhacker pieces of their own.

Once they had rehearsed, we all regrouped for everyone to showcase what they had achieved. Whilst beautiful, the large outside space came with some challenges. We needed some sort of large object for the sound to bounce against so that it didn't disappear into open space. However a magnificent old oak tree in the grounds, which myself and my team immediately fell in love with, did just the trick! To finish the afternoon's session, we created a musical piece from each group’s unique compositions and performed the final culmination of their creative efforts. The REL Field Marketing team were a fantastic group who developed some really interesting rhythms.


 Boomwhacker Corporate Team Building Session in West Berkshire 

Boomwhacker Corporate Team Building Session in West Berkshire 

"great from start to finish!"

Our team thoroughly enjoys visiting different businesses around the country, delivering drumming and percussion events, in order to energise teams and gatherings. However, it's always particularly rewarding when we received great feedback, such as the below from REL Field Marketing.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to you and your team for the amazing boomwhackers session yesterday! It was so much fun, everyone loved it and got involved which was the main objective for the session!

The session was great from start to finish, with everyone’s energy high as soon as you walked through the door! It didn’t stop there, everyone was engaged right till the end when we did our own group performances. A special mention to you Steve your passion for music really shone through and I think that made the activity a lot more enjoyable for us all so thank you for that.

A great time was had by all so thank you again for coming and entertaining us!
— Lucy Ray, REL Field Marketing (FKA Blueprint Group UK)

We will be posting a video or two from this fantastic day in the coming weeks, from which you can get a real sense of the energy between the team. Watch this space!