We have just received some wonderful footage from a big drum circle session last month with staff from Royal Mail. It's just too good not to share!

The video is the culmination of a workshop where the entire group of 110 delegates split up into 5 smaller teams to device their own rhythm composition. Their compositions were then incorporated into one big group drumming piece.  

The drumming session was part of a leadership programme facilitated by People Create. We loved working with People Create - they provided a great brief before the session. The whole leadership programme was about evaluating success not by one's own personal achievements, but instead by your ability to help colleagues acquire the same level of expertise.

The team break out part of our drumming session was a superb way to bring this to the fore. In team break outs there is always a mix of skill levels in the area of music, drumming and rhythm. As the session progresses, people with either a great idea or skill become the natural leaders in the session. It is their responsibility to communicate their idea in a way that everyone can understand and put effectively into practice. This can be tricky and just having a real flare for music and rhythm does not necessarily mean you will automatically be good at teaching and instructing those around you. What really helps is if a leader is able to empathise and relate to another person's level of expertise and think flexibly of ways in which that person can understand, overcome obstacles and progress to their same level of acquired expertise.   

The video shows some wonderful ideas. We were very impressed, not just by each team's imagination and energy, by most of all by the way they managed to include everyone! We do hope we can work with People Create and Royal Mail again in the future.

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