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At one of our recent corporate events, we asked the participants to describe how they felt before the workshop in three words. We then asked them to use another three words to describe how they felt afterwards. We're thrilled with people's reactions! Nearly all of the 'before' notes mentioned the word 'tired', but it's safe to say that was not repeated in the 'afters'. Proof that nothing puts some punch into an uneventful workday like a good, noisy drumming session!

here's what they had to say...


"Tired, Hot, :|"

"Tired, stressed out, worried"

"Drained, tired, not in the mood"

"Excited, tired, intrigued"

"Tired, restless, thirsty"

"Bored, intrigued, sober"

"Apprehensive, worried, disinterested"

"Tired, confused, hungry"


"Energised, HOT!!, :)"

"Hot, motivated, ready for a drink!"

"Feeling fantastic, happy, full of energy"

"Hyper, smiley, hot!"

"Energised, invigorated, creative"

"Invigorated, drummed, entertained"

"Excited, happy, enthused!"

"Energised, happy, sore hands!!"