Recently we were invited by Junghenreich UK to lead an African drumming team building session. Junghenreich UK is a large nationwide company that specialises in material handling. They have various customer service centres up and down the UK, with one branch located near Sheffield.

Small group, big energy

Our team building session was held at the Park Inn in York - a beautiful city and not too far from our base. We were a small group of around 20, but a small group doesn't mean small energy! One of the benefits of choosing an African drum circle for a team building activity is that it puts everyone on a level playing field and facilitates communication - a great way to help people from all areas of a business to work well together. 

Although our group seemed a little nervous at first, they soon got into the spirit of things and were very good at picking up the rhythm. They were a lot better than they made out! Watch the video below to see how the group got on.

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