Last week was a particularly exciting week for us as we delivered a large conference Boomwhacker energiser for Aurum Holdings. Aurum Holdings owns the big three jewellery brands - Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb and Watches of Switzerland. What a fantastic event! Tony Broderick, Chief Operating Officer at Aurum Holdings Ltd wrote to us and said:

The Boomwhacker session was an incredible experience and the feedback from our delegates has been unanimously positive. The energy and passion displayed by you and your team was fantastic and was quickly transferred to our delegates. As well as having a great deal of fun, everyone took on board the teamwork message from the session, which is a reflection of your success.  Read more..

Steve Rivers writes-

There were lots of really memorable moments. Here are some of them:

  • Making a surprise entry into the conference room beating African rhythms on bass drums and djembes,
  • The sound of 500 people contributing layer upon layer of rhythms to create an intense and complex musical piece -  the sound of everybody listening to each other!
  • Discovering that the syllables of their brand names can create a really funky three-part 'Samba' beat!

But the most memorable part of the event for me was the first initial sound of 500 extremely enthusiastic delegates creating one unified pulse! What do I mean by a unified pulse? Well its a little different to making a rhythm. A pulse is a straight beat which simply goes 'one two three four, one two three four' and so on. To just play a pulse all together can be a little mundane until you play it with the Boomwhackers. The Boomwhackers give the group pulse a magical harmonised sound and if a group can manage to up the pace it can sound absolutely amazing.

This is not always straight forward.  The pulse often speeds up too quickly and you get what is referred to as a 'beat stampede' - everyone knows the beat is heading for complete meltdown but no one is able to stop it. But a group (and even a really big one) can manage to stabilise the pulse if everybody focuses on hearing and being especially sensitive to the combined holistic sound.

Fortunately the 500-strong Aurum team were well geared up for the challenge and they pulled it off! The result? Personally I thought the most the exquisite part of this exercise was when the group managed to create gradual changes in pitch between the different coloured Boomwhackers fading in and out of the big pulse - a  beautiful steady pulse of Reds slowly faded out to be replaced by the harmonic pulse of the Yellows and Purples which were then replaced by the Oranges and Greens, and so on...

One team! One unified pulse! Bravo Aurum Holdings!