The final school performance - dance brings the African Drums to life!

The final school performance - dance brings the African Drums to life!

We received some fantastic video footage from our recent African drumming and dance workshop performance with the year 4 class at Muskham Primary School in Nottinghamshire.

The school African Drumming and Dance workshop gave an opportunity for everyone in the class to experience the thrill of West African drumming with Djembe drums and Bugarabus. Once the class explored the basic drum sounds (bass, tone and slap), they got into teams and each team contributed to a full rhythm made up of individual parts. Pupils then expressed their joy of the music by dancing in the middle of the drum circle.  The dance is the important element to the drumming workshops. It brings the music to life and is a great way for children to gain a strong sense of confidence and self belief.

Then there was final part of the day - the children performed to their parents. As you will see from the video - they also took part in the music!

Quotes of the day from the children:

Oskar, aged 8: "I liked it because it was really fun how at the end of the day we put all the songs together."

Seth, aged 8: "I loved it because it was loud and we did a beat called 'fish and chips'."

Scarlett, aged 8: "It was good because it was something new to do and I liked the different beats."

Student teacher: " It was good to see the children being hands on and practical and experiencing something different and exciting."

Bring a hands on cultural experience of West Africa to your school - and raise your pupil's confidence at the same time!