African drum circle at Barnsley

African drum circle at Barnsley

It couldn't have been more idyllic. Beautiful weather, a beautiful open air venue at the grounds of Cannon Hall - and lots of families really up for bashing drums and generally having a really good holiday drum jam! Children ranging from 5 to forty got down and made a big funky sound with djembes, African bells, Dunduns, wood blocks and sound shapes. The day went so quickly! Here are some comments from the participants:

African Drumming Barnsley

African Drumming Barnsley

“It’s really impressive the way everything comes together - the words, the chants and the fabulous beats!”

“Really good experience for young children.”

“Excellent - loved it; fun for the family.”

“It was really cool.”

“Really welcoming and helpful - we all really enjoyed it!'

“The people in charge were very nice to me and they were enthusiastic about playing.”

“What fun! Enthusiastic teachers!”

“Tom tom, bongos etc, can't beat em!”

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