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Parents from the Priory rc voluntary academy

"Was an amazing experience enjoyed by children and parents!!! Thank you!!!"

"It was fab the best assembly ever and my son loved the day. Thank you for a brilliant day."

"It was definitely the best school assembly I've been to and I know the children had a wonderful day."

"I'm still feeling uplifted after watching yourself, my daughter and all the children in her class, which you visited today. It was fantastic and so upbeat, I can't believe they learnt all that in a day..... Great energy, rhythm, team work , enthusiasm and dancing, not to mention audience participation.. Brilliant.. Well done!"

Kate Le Prevost, Community and Art Development Officer

Unbeatable Energy provided the most amazing drumming performance followed by a Boomwhacking workshop for over 250 students.  Steve Rivers was amazing from point of booking to performance and the students really found this to be a valuable insight into different music styles.  I would fully recommend Unbeatable Energy..

Rebecca Bingham, Deputy Head Teacher, Bentley High Street Academy, Doncaster

The children came into school again today, all very excited about last night! We were singing the song you sang with them as we lined up before entering school!

The workshop and presentation was excellent. You gave us the opportunity of seeing a child, who has been through so much, coming to life through his performance on stage! It was truly magical. It was made even more perfect by the presence of his foster parents and mother in the audience. He rarely is able to see his mother; so he really relished the opportunity of performing on stage in front of her. He couldn’t stop smiling!

The child only joined main stream education in October of last year, so for him the experience of performing on stage with you was wonderful. The child also struggles immensely with concentration and the ability to manage his behaviour. Whilst drumming, he was focused and seemed really content. Thank you so much for allowing him this opportunity. As we watched, all staff were very emotional especially our headteacher!

Rebecca Bingham

Deputy Head Teacher
Bentley high Street Academy, Doncaster

Tamara Jones – Y5 Teacher, Brumby Juniors, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Thank you for yet another fantastic drumming workshop. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the session today and are really enthusiastic about the follow-up work that we have planned with other percussion instruments. From the beginning to the last moment, every child was focused on the task and keen to pick up the new rhythms that you introduced. We will look forward to seeing you again next year!

Mrs Nicholson, Y5 Teacher, Brumby Junior School, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Caitlin Simpson, Year 9 Teacher at William Farr Secondary School, Lincolnshire

The pupils of the year nine (especially 9RPB) would like to thank you for your wonderful session. It has encouraged lots of us with our creative side and it was fantastic that we could join in with the fun and learn new skills.  Some of us are thinking of carrying on with cultural music and maybe joining a group. I would just like to say how inspiring and stimulating it was and how unlike some of the other activities – it was so hands on and fun! I personally have learnt new techniques and have been motivated to do more things with cultural music.  I am sure that the year will agree with me that your session was one of the best sessions that the year has ever had. The amount of effort that you put in was massive and we would all like to say a big thank you!

Kate Le Prevost – Community and Art Development Officer, The Ormiston Ilkeston Academy

Unbeatable Energy have been to us a few times over the last couple of years.  On the 9th December we wanted to do something creative that involved every student within our establishment.  As we had recently converted to an academy and were celebrating the opening of our gallery we wanted to engage students in a vibrant activity.  Unbeatable Energy provided the most amazing drumming performance followed by a Boomwhacking workshop where over 250 students were engaged.  Steve Rivers was amazing from point of booking to performance and the students really found this to be a valuable insight into different music styles.  I would fully recommend Unbeatable Energy and we hope to use them again in the future.

Deborah Webb, University of Nottingham International Students Welcome Programme

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the very positive contribution you made to our welcome programme for new international students in September.  The drumming circle on the Thursday is always very well received and this year was no different. The performance on the Friday as part of our mini international evening was absolutely fantastic (as it has been every year).  You definitely know how to please a crowd and get them in a party mood.  In fact, you’re so good that it’s really difficult for other acts going on subsequently to maintain the atmosphere and momentum that you create.  Next year we are thinking of changing the format of the event so that it is a drumming extravaganza with you and your members as the main act if this is possible.

Please do pass on my thanks to your members – both drummers and dancers are amazing!

With very best wishes,

Deborah Webb

African drums, by Lucy aged 8

I felt my hands jumping back at me
I felt alive
I felt happy
I felt free
I felt wild
I felt like an African child
I never wanted to stop dancing
It felt like the world was underneath my feet
I felt like my whole body was dancing
My heart seemed to be beating the same rhythm as the drums.

African drums, by Lucy aged 8

Hannah, Class 2, Treeton Primary School, Sheffield

“On Wednesday a man called Steve came to our school with some African drums. He played some and it was noisy and exciting. The drums were amazing, brilliant, unusual and weird. The drums made a rhythm and a beat. On one he did happy birthday on the drums. The drums vibrated in my heart. Steve also used his self as a drum; I would like him to come again.”

Hannah, Class 2, Treeton Primary School, Sheffield

Usman Year 11 Pupil Oakwood Technology College, Rotherham

“We began African Drumming as part of the Sounding Out Project in 2002. From this, we started to have African Drumming sessions after school on Thursdays. Steve Rivers was our teacher, along with Paul Butler. We learned a few different rhythms at this point.

Steve’s teaching, from the start, helped to inspire us. Soon, we began to make our own drumming compositions. We would show them to Steve, who would help us to turn our ideas into full drumming pieces. He would help us with breaks as well as accompanying rhythms. This was great, as it encouraged us even more.

Eventually, we got very involved into drumming. Our school bought a set of African drums, so that we could play if and when Steve was not available. This also sparked us off with more playing; we go to the music room and play on the drums whenever we can at lunchtime and sometimes after school also.

Thanks to Steve’s help, we now get involved in a lot of concerts. We use what Steve has taught us for these. But we do not just do the same routine over and over again; we do quite the contrary. We figuratively rip apart what Steve has taught us and rearrange it into new and interesting sequences.

Even when Steve isn’t coming, I look forward to it. It’s the highlight of my week.”

Usman Year 11 Pupil, Oakwood Technology College, Rotherham

Liz Rosser, Headteacher Longwood Community Infant School, Nottinghamshire

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful day of ‘Unbeatable Energy’ we experienced on your visit. The whole experience was energising and exciting, inspiring even the most timid of our children to participate fully in the sessions. You were able to relate to all our children, including the very youngest who, at 4½ years of age, have only started in the reception class this term.

We found your style of teaching and presentation catered for a wide range of learning styles and you modelled, shared with and challenged the children. It was lovely to see the excitement and enjoyment on the children’s faces as they responded and contributed to the rhythms and patterns which you and they wove together to make such wonderful sounds.

Thank you so much for sharing your personal ‘Unbeatable Energy’ with us. It was certainly a day to remember.”

Liz Rosser, Headteacher Longwood Community Infant School, Nottinghamshire

Judith Ennis, Head of Music Bents Green Secondary School, Sheffield

“Unbeatable Energy were inspirational and our pupils were totally enthralled by his workshops.”

Judith Ennis, Head of Music Bents Green Secondary School, Sheffield

The class of Y5c, Whitkirk Primary School, Leeds

“We are writing to you to thank you for teaching us fantastic drumming skills. The drums were the best workshop we have had in a long time. At the beginning of the session we had no comprehension of what was to come however we found it quite easy once we got the hang of it. The performance was very nerve-racking even though we all had a lot of fun. Thanks again!”

The class of Y5c Whitkirk Primary School, Leeds

Scott Clarke, Q20 Theatre Company

“Hi Steve, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for doing a great job today. I have been getting some fantastic feedback from staff about the whole event and year 5 is raving about your workshop.”

Scott Clarke, Q20 Theatre Company

Lisa Hoyland, Music Teacher, Gonerby Hillfoot Primary School, Lincolnshire

“Within minutes the children played complex rhythms. They were fascinated by the different pitches the Boomwhackers produced and the way they combined to create exciting music.”

Lisa Hoyland, Music Teacher Gonerby Hillfoot Primary School, Lincolnshire

Louise Fairlamb, Teacher, Baslow St.Annes Primary School, Derbyshire

“A HUGE thank you – the drumming day was an absolute success. You both catered fantastically for all age groups – every single child got something out of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The head teacher is talking about trying to incorporate it every year!
All staff said how good you both were with the children and your enthusiasm got to us all!”

Louise Fairlamb, Teacher Baslow St.Annes Primary School, Derbyshire

Jane Clay, Headteacher, Holt House Infant School, Sheffield

“Unbeatable Energy was totally inspirational. They are so full of energy, enthusiasm and encouragement and the children couldn’t wait to join in with the infectious rhythm of the drums. Children who are normally reluctant to participate found themselves playing away, watching, listening and responding as Steve moved around the group using signals to indicate variations of pace or volume.

The look on our little four year old with no English who had only been in school two weeks said it all. Unable to contain his excitement, he was off his chair drumming ecstatically on a drum almost bigger than himself! This was a way he could communicate without language and he loved every moment!

The whole school throbbed to the beat as each class enjoyed a workshop session and we couldn’t believe that Steve could keep up the fast and furious pace. He was still going strong at the end of the day when the parents came along to hear a performance by each class. The parents were amazed with the way Steve handled the children and they were thrilled to see just how much the children had achieved in such a short time.
The whole day was a wonderful experience that the children, staff and parents will never forget and we shall certainly be coming to Steve again.”

Jane Clay, Headteacher, Holt House Infant School, Sheffield

Helen Renard, Assistant Head Robert Pattinson Secondary School, Lincolnshire

“Our international day was greatly enhanced by the drumming workshop run by Unbeatable Energy. The beats and vibrations were felt around the whole school. Through their clear instruction and inspiration, all the students and staff were able to follow the rhythms and join in. Student’s confidence grew as they were able to play the drum rhythms despite their initial reservations and they gained a great deal of insight into West African culture. Feedback from the day placed the drumming activity as the firm favourite! I would be happy to recommend ‘Unbeatable Energy’ to other schools who would like an African Drumming Experience.”

Helen Renard, Assistant Head Robert Pattinson Secondary School, Lincolnshire

Gordon Hamilton, Headteacher, Mosborough School, Sheffield

“We have used Unbeatable Energy on a number of occasions in school, working with both children and staff. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. The children love the workshops which are great fun and even children and staff who wouldn’t consider themselves ‘musical’ gain so much by taking part in their sessions. Indeed we have enjoyed working with Unbeatable Energy so much we have now purchased from them our own set of African drums.”

Gordon Hamilton, Headteacher Mosborough School, Sheffield

Mrs A P Hurrell, Headteacher, Huttoft Primary School, Lincolnshire

“As a school that tries to offer a wide and varied program of enrichment opportunities for our children I can honestly say Unbeatable Energy has been one of the best visitors we have had for a long time – two weeks on from your visit and the children are still talking about the workshop and drumming the rhythms, literally everywhere! It was a sheer pleasure to see how animated the children became and what energy was used by everyone taking part. The school became alive with rhythm and beat which could be felt vibrating throughout – what a fantastic impact Unbeatable Energy made on our school!”

Mrs A P Hurrell, Headteacher Huttoft Primary School, Lincs

William Lee, Headteacher Longley Primary School, Sheffield

“I am writing to express my appreciation of your work with our children. Thank you for the enjoyment you have given them and the drumming skills they have learned from you. You have turned them into a professional troupe. Their attitude and commitment to the project is testament to your excellent relationship with them. Thank you for enriching their experience.”

William Lee, Headteacher Longley Primary School, Sheffield

Diane Woodward, Parson Cross Primary School

An incredible workshop! Children and adults created the most amazing sound and atmosphere as they moved round the room to the beat!

Diane Woodward, Parson Cross Primary School

Marie Denham, Brace Bridge Infants School

“It was great to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they created a fantastic sound with Unbeatable Energy. It was defeinitely a day to remember!”

Marie Denham, Headteacher, Brace Bridge Infants School, Lincolnshire

Steve Jackson, Loscoe Primary School

“Brilliant! Great for teamwork and listening skills.”

Steve Jackson, Headmaster, Loscoe Primary School, South Derbyshire

Alison Grey, Brimmington Juniors School

“Unbeatable Energy are great communicators. They had the children involved, motivated and playing complex rhythms within minutes!”

Alison Grey, Teacher, Brimmington Juniors School, Chesterfield