African Drumming Evening Classes and lessons

Experience the vitality and creative freedom of playing African drums with Unbeatable Energy's evening classes. 


African Drumming Evening Classes and lessons

Experience the vitality and creative freedom of playing African drums with Unbeatable Energy's evening classes. 

Learn to play African drums - classes

African drumming evening classes in sheffield

Are you interested in experiencing the excitement, vitality and amazing sound of African Drumming?

If so, why not come to one of our evening classes in Sheffield.

We run classes on Thursday nights.

In the classes you will discover:

  • A brilliant way to exercise, energise and feel invigorated!

  • The amazing rhythms of the West African djembe drum

  • A great way to socialise with friends and meet new people

  • A new way to unwind and have fun!

PLUS - African Drumming is the perfect remedy to beat stress!

“I can have the worst day in the world, but get me on a djembe drum and I feel miles better!” Amy Cawthorn, class attendee

All drums are provided!

Easy Grooves Class - Thursday 19:30-20:40

Easy beats class for beginners, it’s also a warm up session for advanced players.

About the ‘Easy Grooves’ Class:

This class is suitable for beginners and as a warm up for more experienced players. In this session we explore the sounds on the djembe drum starting with the ‘bass’ (middle of the drum), the ‘tone’ (side of the drum) and finally ‘slap’. After some initial work on technique, we explore djembe rhythms from Guinea Conakry, Senegal and Mali in West Africa.

There is a common and healthy mix of abilities in the Easy Grooves Class. We plan the material for Easy Grooves so there is something for everyone’s level - easy, accessible parts for complete beginners and more challenging parts for experienced players.

Advanced Beats Class, plus Easy Grooves

Thursday 19:30-21:30

An extended session for Advanced students. Attend the Easy Grooves and stay for an extra half hour to go a little deeper. By invite only.

About the ‘Advanced Beats’ Class: 

This class explores traditional solos for djembe and the dunduns and assumes you already have a few years’ experience of regular djembe playing. If you are new to the class and would like to discuss whether this session is suitable for you, please feel free to contact Steve Rivers to discuss.

Details of classes:

Days: Thursdays

Address: Union Street, 18-20 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2SH

Age suitability: Sessions are suitable for adults and young people aged 12+.  (Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult.)

How much? pay as you go:

  • Attend Easy Grooves: £8 per session (pay as you go)

  • Attend Advanced Beats + Easy Grooves : £10 per session (pay as you go)

How much? block booking 6 sessions:

Save by purchasing 6 session credits to use within an 8 week period:

How to purchase and register classes:

Click here to Register for classes and lessons

The above link will take you to our TeamUp online booking site. Here you can purchase and register classes on the calendar.

You can purchase the Block bookings option here as well, by selecting the block bookings tab at the top of the screen. After purchasing a block booking, you select the schedule tab to use your 6 credits to register classes on the calendar.

If you have any further queries about the classes or anything else on drumming, please email us at or call Steve on 0781 0406 501.

Want to see what can be achieved? Complete beginners and more experienced players took part in this session. You’ll be amazed at what can be attained in a good supportive learning environment.

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