african drumming workshops

These workshops are an exciting hands-on opportunity for children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to experience the thrill and excitement of African hand drumming.

Everyone in a class will be given an authentic African drum to participate in an unforgettable group experience – an experience which provides an insight into the sounds, beats and energy of an African village and tribal life.

during the workshop we will

  • teach simple multi-part rhythms
  • show the children how to make different sounds on African djembe drums
  • give them easy ways to feel and access the beat
  • teach them how to listen and follow groups and teams
  • create opportunities for them to express themselves through ‘drum rumbles’ and making their own improvised rhythms
  • bring a whole range of additional hand percussion providing timbre and pitch to the sound of the drums
  • incorporate songs and rhythm games that provide valuable lessons in communication and team work

as a result children will

  • gain a creative lift which gives them a great boost of confidence
  • feel engaged and included in a collective mood of group celebration
  • gain an awareness of other musical cultures and traditions
  • further develop key musical skills in line with National curriculum guidelines

curriculum friendly

Our team building workshops can be linked to support others areas in the school curriculum such as Science and Physical Education, and are often used as part of:

  • arts weeks
  • enrichment days
  • Africa topics
  • black history month
  • cultural awareness days

Our team have a refreshing, vibrant and open style with plenty of experience working with children. Having visited West Africa on a number of occasions to study Gambian, Guinean and Senegalese rhythm and dance, we draw on these influences to make a session with Unbeatable Energy an unforgettable musical experience for everyone involved.

Corporate team building activities

African drumming and dance

Dance is incorporated into all the drumming sessions.  We believe it is important for children to experience this in addition to the African Drumming as the two traditionally go hand in hand. We are particularly good at encouraging children with low self esteem to participate in the dance part of the sessions to boost their confidence.

customising workshops for your school

Team building workshops are designed to suit all age groups and we tailor the duration of each session to suit the needs of your pupils and your school timetable. We are able to work with large groups of children subject to venue size. Your school can choose to work with smaller groups allowing opportunities for end of day performances. Assembly performances at the end of the day are a great opportunity to invite parents to view their child’s achievements and stimulate interest from other classes and teachers.

Please get in touch to talk about your school and requirements.