How it All began

Steve Rivers established Unbeatable Energy in 2004. As director and lead facilitator, Steve is likely to be one of the most vibrant and dynamic people you will ever meet!

Corporate team building activities

Steve Rivers

From beginnings in classical percussion, Steve turned to African drumming in 1995 and has visited Gambia and Senegal on multiple occasions to research drumming history and culture, and to learn new rhythms, beats and dances.

Through drumming workshops and events, Steve and his team have unlocked the undiscovered creativity and rhythm in hundreds of adults and children across the country.

“One memorable highlight was speaking at the 2006 Successful Selling Conference at the Birmingham ICC. The post-dinner energiser event involved 1200 delegates taking part in a giant ‘Boomwhacker’ percussion session. In the space of 10 minutes everyone in the room was playing a co-ordinated rhythm. The entire auditorium was buzzing with enthusiasm, energy and creative inspiration.”

This is why we do what we do!