Conference Ice Breakers and Large Gatherings

See footage here from our Boomwhacker Conference Ice Breaker session where 1200 delegates created one dynamic cohesive rhythm together.

Unbeatable Energy can provide the following activities to uplift the mood and get delegates interacting at your next conference or other large gathering.

Grand Drum Circle (40-250 delegates) 60-90 minutes
Conference African drumming team building activities
This session works well as a highly invigorating and exhilarating finale to a conference.

All delegates will participate in an African Drum Circle session, creating an exciting sound using African ‘Djembe’ hand drums, bells, shakers, wood blocks, and other percussion instruments. Delegates are taught a series of simple and accessible rhythms which they learn to ‘weave’ together into a complex and fantastic sound. As the group becomes transformed into a powerful team playing multi-part rhythms together, they will experience the collective power of group drumming. The sound of everybody playing together is immensely uplifting and demonstrates perfectly what a team can achieve through everybody’s active participation.

YouTube Preview Image

See our new video which shows a perfect example of the ‘feel good’ factor created in the Grand Drum Circle activity.

Boomwhacker Conference Ice Breaker (30-4000 delegates) 20-30 minutes
Boomwhacker and Drumming Conference ice breaker
A powerful energiser to kick off the day, wake people up after lunch, or provide a unique after-dinner slot, this session will bring everybody together in a creative collaborative rhythm within minutes!

Boomwhackers are coloured tubes that create different harmonic tones when played. We will facilitate musical patterns to create a unique and powerful rhythm designed to empower everyone in the room. As the delegates identify how each colour creates a harmonic tone, they will be given simple rhythms to play in teams. Each team’s rhythm is layered in and within minutes a complex six-part rhythm tune is created.

The Boomwhacker Conference Ice Breaker session is very successful in a conference theatre or cabaret seating format. It can very quickly provide a ‘feel-good factor’ for the day, creating interaction and connection with delegates seated throughout the room.

YouTube Preview Image

See our new video of the Boomwhacker Energiser event we delivered for the conference this year.

Boomwhacker Challenge (30-125 delegates) 60-75 minutes
Boomwhacker team building activites for staff learning and development
Uniquely designed by Unbeatable Energy to encourage positive dialogue and collaboration between delegates who may not normally work together, this session is the perfect ‘levelling’ activity for businesses and organisations who wish to integrate new staff or merge teams.

Using the Boomwhacker tubes, the delegates learn the basics, then split into smaller teams in which they work together to devise a short rhythm, chant or choreographed piece. The teams return to play together again with each team showcasing what they have achieved. The final outcome is the creation of a musical piece, built up from the ‘core’ rhythm and each group’s unique compositions.

Your own unique event

You’ve read some examples of rhythm event formats that have proved highly successful with past clients. The above options can be mixed and matched to provide more than one session during your conference – for example we have provided short Boomwhacker energisers to open conferences followed by a drum circle later in the day. What we have learnt from our own experience is that each conference has presented its own unique criteria whether it is the size of a group, the schedule or a particular learning outcome the client has asked us to achieve in the session. We are flexible in our approach and provide tailor-made proposals for each enquiry.

If you like the sound of what we do, please call us to discuss the possibilities, and we will provide a proposal and quotation for your event.

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